WE EXPLORE THE UNDERGROUND OPERATIONS BY MEANS OF ANALYSIS "natural" Gamma background radiation on the earth's surface.

With our geophysical and radiometric analyzes of the subsurface, we can provide various forms of evidence:

  • Ground water deposit
  • Crude oil deposit
  • Storage areas of minerals and precious metals
  • Diamond deposits (analysis of “kimberlite pipes”)
  • Disturbance areas such as gaps, tectonic distortions
  • Water ways in the underground
  • Large cavities in the underground
  • Anthropogene procedures (archaeology)
  • Stronger lubricated zones
  • Lithologic units and lithologic structuring of the underground
  • Radioactive material in the underground



The naturally occurring background radiation which is always present on earth, identifies underground variations by the level and type of radiation being emitted. In addition the background radiation shows other changes when it passes through water and oil.



In order to measure this radiation, scintillation counters are used. Scintillation counters are used for measuring radioactivity, in a variety of disciplines, from medicine to nuclear physics, depending on the sensitivity of the counter. Our scintillation counters are so sensitive that they register traces of radioactivity very quickly in ordinary stones, and it can record each increase and decrease in the average volume in the area studied. The enormous sensitivity of our scintillation counters allows an unusually rapid progress in detecting surfaces.


For more than 25 years we have been working with modified scintillation counters as geo physical measuring devices. As such we are capable of examining areas of any size, not destructively, accurately and in a short period of time. Typically with the aid of a helicopter or drone previously inaccessible areas, can be surveyed quickly and the geological findings presented accurately.

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