We are a company which involved with the analysis of mold and pollutants in inner rooms since the early 90s. Since this time, we pay special attention to the cause research and the health-wise unproblematic removal of mold and pollutants from surfaces and from the spatial air.


In the past, we often executed so-called free measurements after regular "mold remediation". Due to the applied remediation techniques, the results were sometimes fatal. Massive mold contamination was (and still is) e.g. scraped, brushed, wiped off, sprayed or misted with questionable chemicals, or even sanded in inhabited inner rooms without additional dust protection. The final results of the spatial air measurements after such treatments often signalize higher spore concentration of mould in the breathed air.

This was the reason for us to develop a functional remediation measurement for mold contamination in inner rooms. As a successful result, we could shortly after present our dynamic inner room cleaning method for microbiological contamination.


The success of our dynamic inner room cleaning method for microbiological contamination - also called D-MIR® - is based on the safe removal of partially high spore contamination in the spatial air as well as of the surfaces contaminated by mold in one work-step from the beginning of the remediation. During this, possibly germinating as well as already dead spores are removed properly. Disinfection substances, which can cause health risks or permanent odor problems, we do not use. Our method therefore corresponds with the current press information from the Federal Office for Environment Protection.



Quality assurance is our highest virtue.
Therefore, our employees are very well trained.


our employees are
  • certified on the fields of microbiology, environment analysis, prevention of air pollution
  • certified as a construction engineer, expert witness for building damages
  • expert for asbestos according to appendix 3 of TRGS 519
  • expert on the field of hygiene for ventilation installations and air conditioning
  • expert in working in contaminated areas according to BGR 128
  • personally certified as professionals according to D-MIR® quality standard
  • partner of accredited test laboratories
  • certified disinfector
  • trained building biologists
  • trained building biological measurement technicians